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How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

A real Rolex watch is indeed a value therefore it is important to spot the difference between replicas or fakes as well as the real deal. Those who are fond of these modern and statement accessories will be thrilled to learn the basic professional guidelines on how to determine the value of various designer and jewelry watches. Those who are about to raid the stores for a similar watch will have the chance to learn how to spot a fake Rolex watch and choose the one that really has a worth-admiring reputation in the business. People who are eager to enrich their repertoire of jewelries with a similar piece should be aware of the large selection of counterfeit designs that are hidden among the authentic ones. Keep the following principles in mind for a spotless purchase.

Rolex Buying Guide

In the time of modern technology as well as the sophisticated artwork it would be a real challenge to distinguish the fake jewelry from their authentic counterpart. However there are still numerous signs and details that can give away the poor replicas. In this case those who crave for a precious Rolex watch should be aware of the parallel industry that is keen to sell fakes all over the market. In the past it was almost impossible to find out whether we are the owners of a real rarity and authentic jewelry watch or entered the group of people who were misled by shrewd fake watch designers.

The guidelines below aim to offer you a detailed presentation of the basic and visible signs of fake accessories and more precisely of Rolex watches. Taking these in consideration will spare you from an unpleasant experience of discovering that the quality of these accessories starts to diminish. The internet can be ones of the most tricky means to purchase Rolex watches as the various details might not be so visible unless you hold the actual jewelry in your hands. Learn how to spot a fake Rolex by the following professional principles.

Real vs. Fake Rolex Watch

Clear Caseback
  • This is one of the most common sign of a fake Rolex as the company refused to make a clear display that would allow you to spot in the inside of the mechanism of the watch. Except a few rare and collection models and the latest “F” and “D” models, authentic watches don't have a similar feature.

  • Instead look for the smooth and normal display models that are more than probably the signs of a real model. Moreover you might also find a tiny logo or something that aims to further confirm the authenticity of the accessory, which instead undermine the whole concept of Rolex.

  • Ticking

  • It is also a common fact that you won't find a Rolex that is constantly and annoyingly ticking. In fact designers managed to polish the whole mechanism to perfection and reduce the number of ticks to 8/second. The smooth second hand has no problem in sliding and eliminating the constant ticking noise. Fake Rolexes might not be as performant and polished in order to be able to rule out the chance of ticking.

  • Engraved Caseback
  • The various logos and pictures that appears on the caseback of watches is a no-no in the production policy of Rolex watches. Therefore you won't find any model that has any message engraved on the caseback. If you happen to spot this detail make sure you skip purchasing it as it is a clear Fake and not even a replica. The smooth and shiny caseback is one of the signature features of these accessories. It must be however mentioned that the women models that were produced before 1990 might still have an additional detail "Original Rolex Design" as well as the Sea-Dweller that also has the following words on its caseback "ROLEX OYSTER ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE".

  • Date Magnification

  • The most prominent models of Rolex watches will also have a glass bubble right at the crystal over the date. This attached tiny detail will be able to magnify the date with no less or more than 2.5 times.

  • These accessories also called “cyclops” feature in all models except the Sea-Dweller. Therefore make sure you take a close glimpse at the refined structure of the watch before purchasing any of the models.

  • Triplock Crown Seal

  • This important detail refers to the latest Sea-Dweller, Daytona and Submariner models. These appealed to a signature extra-sealing technique on the threads of the actual winding crown's tube. This minuscule detail resembles the image if a tiny black ring that is visible only when the winding crown is completely unscrewed. Therefore make sure you cover this tiny spot to when analyzing your Rolex. The fake versions might eliminate this tiny details as it is hard to design and produce. Therefore look for simple winding crowns as these would give away the poor quality of the fake watches. Look for the Triplock Crown that has 3 little dots placed right under the traditional Rolex logo, the crown.

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